The Nazi Hunt (Targeted Individuals)

26 مارس

Understanding Evidence – The Nazi Hunt (Targeted Individuals)
Dr. Katherine Horton – Stop 007

Mar 25, 2017


0:00 – Bounty Hunt announcement:
0:10 Mutilated during filming
0:30 RFID chips found inside victims with licensed frequency bands
1:30 The Nazi-take-over via the Intelligence Agencies WITH SILENT DEATH CAMPS
2:00 Nazis, Communism and Capitalism all all psychopathic systems at core
3:50 The core problem is the pyramid structure, see Dr. Paul Marko:
«Psychopath Magnets Exposed»:
«Autonomous Humanity and the Demise of the Psychopath Magnets»:
4:10 Intelligence Agencies are DEEP CAPTURE MACHINES with a NAZI IDEOLOGY that lead to a GLOBAL NAZI TAKE-OVER
5:38 End result is a WORLD WAR
6:50 It is UNAVOIDABLE that Intelligence Agencies grow together across country boundaries
8:30 Psychopathology and control files (pedophilia, necrophilia, serial killers) are selection criteria for the top
9:30 One-upmanship & control-files lead to an endless-cycle towards ever sicker and sicker behaviour at the top.
13:10 Psychopathic gratification is the main feature to look for in the evidence: humiliation, maiming, murder.
14:55 Example Snowden leaks from GCHQ: 4 Ds
18:15 Wililam Binney’s motto for the intel agencies: «Keep the problem going so that the money keeps flowing.»
19:30 Degrading & laughing keeps dumb people amused
20:40 Must not approach the evidence with a «normal» mindset and expectations
22:20 Stupidity is dangerous and unpredictable
23:50 Victim testimonies – what to watch for: psychopathology of the perpetrators and how it varies across levels
25:20 Damage to Melanie Vritschan’s property:
29:30 Cycling systems fast & avoiding World War III
32:30 Carnot Efficiency of the System
37:10 c.f. Pizzagate
38:10 What to expect from the Intelligence Agencies
39:50 Sharks with lasers:
40:10 AUSTIN POWERS IN FULL (Excellent Documentary of MI6!):
40:40 Voice-to-Skull (V2K)
43:18 Gang-stalking
45:00 Guardian article on MI5 expansion after 2003:
47:00 MI6 «Wankcursions»
48:25 Top of human mutilation program driven by psychopathy and self-gratification
49:20 Protesters on Greenham Common
50:30 Sexual sadistic gratification is main driver of maiming of intelligence agency victims with microwave weapons
54:40 Dr. Horton’s targetting and the increasing psychopathy and sadism of the offences
1:05:03 Lighting guns:
1:08:00 Dear Investigators, analyse evidence from victims under the light of total psychopathy of the perpetrators

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