Toronto TI Group minutes

06 دسامبر
Toronto TI Group minutes Dec 3rd 2016
Toronto Targeted Individuals
(Meeting Minutes: November 6th, 2016)
(6PM at 483 Bloor Street W)
Members: Present: Joshua Byer, Galina Kurdina,William Edward, Terry Parker Jr., Manan Paul ( via telephone ), Sherry Podolchuk ( via telephone )
Absent: Several
· Meeting started as scheduled

Points Discussed

1. Review collection of signatures for petition ( almost done !!! )
  • Signatures have almost reached the 2000 mark, which was the goal.
  • Galina and William still have a couple signatures they are going to deliver at a later date.
  • William suggested we make several photocopies of all the signatures, this was deemed a good idea.
  • The group is going to deliver a copy of the petition and all the signatures to all the MPs in Toronto.
  • William will help do the photocopies and go in to see the MP with Joshua.
2. Update on website
  • Joshua has completed a slideshow for Terry and added it to his website.
  • Joshua is going to add a Frequently Asked Question section
  • Joshua is going to add a page containing details about Physical Control of the Mind by Jose Delgado
3. Review Online Publicity Program.
  • The groups online publicity program has gotten some positive feedback from the community.
  • People are proud of the work we do and want us to continue doing it.
  • We will continue to write about our work on Facebook.
4. Review recent attendance of community events
  • The group has recently attended a National Security Townhall and an Independent Police Review.
  • Both events proved excellent venues for getting our message out there.
  • Members who attended the events had positive experiences.
  • The group will continue to look for similar events and go to them.
5. Review Rohinie’s case
  • We have not been able to get a lawyer for Rohinie.
  • Joshua, Galina and Terry have all contacted lawyers without success.
  • Joshua and Galina are going to be meeting with Karen Rich who has promised to provide useful information on Dec 10th.
  • Without having a lawyer in place, it is not worthwhile to decide what kind of evidence we would want presented.
  • Rohinie is still not sending or receiving mail.
  • Terry mentioned possible fear from lawyers considering taking on this case.
6. Discus what to do next in regards to Rohinie
  • Terry and Galina both have potential lawyers they have not yet contacted.
  • Many other Lawyers can be found online.
  • The group is going to meet up and call these lawyers.
  • A script is going to be prepared for the phone calls, we are also going to anticipate potential questions.
  • Going to approach this problem in an intelligent manner, solve whatever problem is stopping lawyers from working with us.
  • Galina and Karen will be visiting with Rohinie soon.
7. Discuss upcoming media story with Mitch Weiss
  • Galina has been interviewed by Mitch twice over the last month.
  • Mitch has promised to come down to Toronto.
  • Recently, he has not been in contact with our members.
  • We are going to keep in contact with him, he have his contact information.
  • Terry is going to give him a call and offer his unique experiences for the upcoming article.
8. Discuss what future events group should attend
  • No one in the group knew of any upcoming events in the area on this subject matter.
9. Discus what would make the website more useful
  • No one had any great ideas for things that could be added to the website.
10. Brainstorm plans for the future
  • Terry recommended that we contact James Sears who has a TV program which aired Terry’s case in the past.
  • Joshua wanted to go as a small group to Human Rights Organizations in Toronto and see if they can provide us with any resources or affiliations.
  • William and Joshua will go to Amnesty International’s offices in Toronto.
  • The group is working on getting more comfortable meeting spaces, reserved areas.
  • William and Joshua are both in the application process with community centers ( for meeting space ).
  • Galina wanted to contact private investigators and neuro scientists / doctors.
  • Joshua will assist in contacting neuroscientists and related doctors in the area.
  • The group has expressed interest in meeting more often, from now on we are going to be meeting twice a week.
11. Inspire members to be more active
  • The group as a whole has attended events successfully over the past month.
  • We are now motivated to meet more often.
  • New people have expressed interest in working with us.
12. Call Manan Paul
  • The group called Manan and talked about what was discussed during the meeting.
  • He is not doing so well and doesn’t think he can go back to work.
  • Expressed a willingness to do work for the group.
  • The group called Sherry and talked about what was discussed during the meeting.
  • She recommended that we start an online support group.
  • She still plans on sending a letter to the governor general with our petition.
  • She is also working on other projects in this area.


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