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08 نوامبر

It is estimated that at least eight million people in the UK suffer from some degree of hearing loss. If you’re taking a long flight or an overnight flight and fear you won’t be able to sleep on your own, talk to your doctor about taking a sleeping pill. … I turned to lie on my side and a very loud, high-pitched sound developed in my right ear as ringing, frequent sufferers may hear buzzing, hissing, whistling, humming or even distant voices. Babies and older adults tend to get sicker quicker. Of the following and they worry you: *oral thrush with a white, food chain worksheet for elementary furry, income tax filing limits maryland sore tongue and headache, tiredness, merge and acquisition failure dizziness, ringing in the ears *loss of appetite *altered taste. Tinnitus, the phantom perception of sound, is a frequent disorder that causes significant morbidity and treatment is elusive.

The sound may keep time with your heartbeat, it may keep pace with your breathing, it may be constant, or it may come and go. Although patients might disagree, a few researchers believe that tinnitus can be a signal of inner ear repair. Recent health events, such as surgery or injury. These kinds of events can cause symptoms afterwards or make them more serious. You may hear sounds such as your own pulse or the contractions of your muscles. A single exposure to a sudden extremely loud noise can also cause tinnitus. Tinnitus involves the annoying sensation of hearing sound when no external sound is present.

Sound intensity is measured in decibels with a sound level meter. This energy is used for nourishment and to power certain etheric technologies and interdimensional maneuvers4. Some alien implants are powered by this energy, especially the etheric types of implants. Like any etheric thoughtform, they will go inactive if deprived of their energy source. This happens when one refuses to indulge in the particular base emotions sustaining these implants, which tend to be the same emotions encouraged by them. this test, conducted by a hearing specialist (audiologist), you hear sounds directed to one ear at a … Elementary auditory hallucinations are crude and described as buzzing, ringing, hissing, fizzing, whistling, humming, shrilling, sizzling or clicking auditory sensations.


If appropriate, try home treatment while you are waiting for the appointment. Ringing or itching in ears; stuffy nose; sneezing, coughing, wheezing, gagging swollen or discolored lips and tongue. Medical and scientific articles about Tinnitus, written by Susanne Staudinger. You may need care sooner. It produces a blend of external sounds which stimulate fibres of the hearing nerve, helping deviate attention away from the tinnitus. Vertigo may make you sick to your stomach, and you may have trouble standing, walking, or keeping your balance. The aim of mind programming is behavioral modification toward greater compliance with an agenda and greater submission to the abductors and mind programmers.

If you have a condition such as diabetes, HIV, cancer, or heart disease, you may need to pay closer attention to certain symptoms and seek care sooner. Additional common findings include ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and dizziness or imbalance. The hearing loss may be noticed as a diminished ability to understand spoken words, particularly in difficult listening conditions as with telephone use. Therefore, a short, high intensity sound (such as a gun firing) can be as damaging as a longer, continuous or repeated exposure to high levels of noise (such as listening to music at high volume for several hours. If an abductee is targeted for elimination due to having become too aware, unpredictable, or influential in defiance of the agenda, then programming becomes a tool of attrition hitting multiple subconscious vulnerabilities simultaneously for extended periods of time. It wears down the target through repeated inductions of doubt, procrastination, cynicism, anxiety, apathy, fear, irritability, aggression, depression, perversion, suicidal thoughts, and other self-destructive thoughts and feelings. These symptoms do not exclusively indicate mind programming, rather they are selected from the pool of human dysfunctions due to their especially destructive nature.

People unaware of mind programming are easily defeated by it because they take these unwelcome thoughts as their own. pregnant. Similarly, the phenomenon of ‘astral projection’, often termed ‘out-of-body experiences’ (OBEs), is said to be heralded by sounds such as buzzing, roaring, humming, music, singing and voices. It is more effective to bypass the conscious mind altogether, sneak beneath the threshold of awareness, and thereby reduce the possibility of suspicion and resistance. Aliens are more sophisticated than generally credited, especially when it comes to their tactics of persuasion. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE. If the symptoms get worse, seek care sooner.

Both external reality and the subconscious are set up like dominoes so that they knock each other down and produce the desired outcome. This can be used to socially isolate targets, break up networks, subvert organizations, undercut collaborative projects, and hijack the making of critical decisions. All of it is routine for interdimensional beings who have access to our minds, who have good monitoring abilities, and who are not limited by linear time or logistical shortcomings. You may need care sooner. Constant, severe tinnitus is one of the most psychologically stressful conditions a person can suffer from. Initial evaluation of tinnitus should include a thorough history, head and neck examination, and audiometric testing to identify an underlying etiology. The primary shortcoming of this approach has been in generalizing the results of short-term experiments on TTS to the permanent hearing loss resulting from years of repeated exposures or exposure to high noise levels.

Their standard mode of operation is to target critical moments on the timeline where our future is most in flux, where the smallest nudging on their part produces the largest favorable outcome for them. These moments are choice points where a straight sequence of events splits into multiple probable futures. The person whose decision these futures hinge upon is then targeted through programming, telepathic persuasion, coercion from people who have been unwittingly influenced to play that role, baiting through artificial synchronicities (freak coincidences designed to create misleading impressions that a certain decision is the right one), disinformative dreams or visions, and other creative forms of persuasion. Simply by influencing his or her mind into making a different choice, the timeline can be altered.8 Small alterations shift the game board and open opportunities for bigger alterations, which in turn prepare the stage for even larger ones. No choice point on the timeline is too small to target since small decisions can cascade into big effects down the line. This humming and buzzing was not ever here before the smart meter installation?




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