Protection from Frequency/Psychotronic weapons

28 ژوئیه

by George Farquhar

Protection from Frequency/Psychotronic weapons is not an easy task. This is particularly so because the vast array of symptoms that are caused by attacks from these weapons duplicate symptoms that can be created from other (natural) non-malicious sources.

Those of us who know they are targets of secret government experiment and torture are at present in the minority. The majority as yet are unfortunately very unaware that they are under serious threat from a remote source.

The mainstream understanding within society are presently unaware of the use of these weapons on innocent civilians. They will therefore be unable to discern whether or not any negative symptoms experienced have been created by natural non-malicious sources, or the malicious intent of the Mind Control Police within the Freemasonic Secret Society Brotherhood-controlled intelligence services.


Our first line of protection is therefore to know that these Frequency Weapons (FW) are used by the intelligence agencies on society for the purpose of Remote Mind, Emotional and Physical manipulation – Toward Social Control Experimentation and Murder. If we do not acknowledge this very basic fact, we are leaving ourselves wide open for the major physical and psychological destruction of our being.

By contacting as many government, legal, social and media officials as possible regarding this human rights abuse we may certainly help enlighten those who do not truly know what is going on within our so-called democratic society. However, the bottom line is this: As the Freemasonic Brotherhood is inextricably interwoven into the highest levels of government, legal, social and media industries, as well as all other facets of our society, we cannot expect any real supportive force to stop these terrorist attacks via the use of Frequency Weapons or any other form of social control.

Any genuine effort attempting to expose this atrocity by any open-hearted and minded official within any part of our social structure will eventually be thwarted directly or indirectly. Usually this comes down to the underlying cliche… «due to National Security». Behind this cliche we can clearly read «due to the security of the Brotherhood Agenda to keep the masses in ignorance and fear, therefore easy to manipulate and control, toward total world domination.»


For a successful and total expose and therefore eventual destruction of Psychotronic/Frequency Weapons, Total Public Awareness is the key. Any active method towards this goal, is one step nearer, not only to the destruction of these weapons but also the freedom of the human race.

Self-empowerment is also paramount to our freedom and is an absolute necessity toward this cause. There are countless methods of self-empowerment, and only the individual can find the right way for themselves. A self-empowered person does not expect anyone to tackle any problem or fight any fight for them, yet genuinely and unconditionally helps others with theirs.

Unlike anyone within the Brotherhood network, a self-empowered person does not take any energy, whether it be physical emotional or mental, from any other person, unless it is freely given. A self-empowered person does not, within their means and capabilities, allow another person to take their energy from them – unless it is freely given.

Self-empowerment is a continuous and never-ending process, and should be widely encouraged by those who seek it’s wonderful and powerful qualities. More and more people around the world are now standing in their own power and becoming free. Eventually when the human race reaches critical mass of becoming self-empowered, those who wish to manipulate and control us with all their means will be left behind, as they will have no-one else to control. Then and only then will the people of the world become free. The responsibility starts with each and every one of us.


It is very important to fully understand as much as possible the agenda behind the use of FW and all other methods of social control. Also important is to understand the mental attitude of the perpetrators of these psychotronic attacks, who are employed directly or indirectly by the intelligence agencies.

Being totally devoid of any humanistic qualities whatsoever, they have no conscience, no morals, no ethics and are severely mentally imbalanced. They have deep subconcious fears and are devoid of courage as they cannot face themselves. These fears are masked by the desire to control and torture others. By having no understanding whatsoever of who they truly are and their immense capabilities as a human being, they derive an illusory sense of power by doing what they do.

The more physical, emotional and mental pain they create in their targets through harrassment, torture, rape and manipulation, they more powerful and important they feel they are.

They derive pleasure and power from inflicting pain and creating fear in their unsuspecting victims, who cannot fight back. They also foolishly believe they are immune from being detected, exposed and brought to justice which gives them a false sense of security. In reality, it is only a matter of time before they will eventually realise that their «security» by being «protected» by their Brotherhood-run security agencies, whom they work for, was just an illusion. They will all eventually be exposed to the masses and will be held accountable, by the people.

In the meantime, the more we can reduce the fear response, in whatever way possible, to the harassment, torture and rape methods of the Mind Control Police within the intelligence services, the less power they will have over us, individually and therefore on society as a whole.

Having a «No-Fear» attitude towards the MCP Psychotronic/Frequency Weapons perpetrators and their cowardly tactics has a great bearing on breaking the power of their manipulation and control. This method of protection has been well proven by a number of people with substantial personal experience of psychotronic attacks.

As Frequency Weapons are extremely high-tech it may be quite difficult to reduce any physical pain inflicted by a remote psychotronic attack. However, it is certainly possible to reduce the fear aspect, therefore help reduce any emotional and mental trauma. Fear can also be reduced to a great degree by fully understanding the agenda of our Brotherhood-controlled social structure as well as the mental «attitude» of the Mind Control Police Frequency Weapon perpetrators within the intelligence services.

Also to know wholeheartedly that one day this atrocity of Human Rights Abuse will stop and that every survivor who has ever endured pyschotronic attacks will be free to live a normal life. In time, the perpetrators will be challenged by the self-empowered masses of society to such a degree, all their systems of manipulation and destruction will ultimately collapse and they will undoubtedly be brought to justice. Not by the Freemasonic Secret Society-run justice system, but by the people themselves.


If you believe you are possibly a target of psychotronic/frequency attacks, it is important to keep a graphic, chronological journal of your experiences. This should include the symptoms you incur, and why you believe you are being targeted. Also, keep any evidence which may support and verify the validity of your experiences. This evidence will also be necessary when the MCP perpetrators and their organisations are finally brought to justice.

If you fully believe you are a victim of psychotronic attacks, it is important to continually contact, Government Authorities, Human Rights Abuse and other social organisations. Also the mainstream and alternative media, together with as many influential people as possible. The more people within the building blocks of our social organisations that are made aware of this atrocity the sooner pyschotronic/frequency attacks on society will stop, and the perpetrators brought to justice.

When contacting these organisations send a typed documented report of your experiences. Also important, is to forward with your report, copies of documented evidence on the existence of Frequency Weapons and their use against society. This will give your report more strength and credibility to those who may be closed to the fact that remote psychotronic attacks on the people are at all possible. The more credibility that can be achieved within the mainstream ‹attitude› of…. «This cannot be possible» (through fear of the truth), the sooner that the reality of this Human Rights Abuse will become clearly evident, and psychotronically attacked victims will then be taken seriously.

It must be recognised that only those in authority who have an absolute and genuine regard for Human Rights will take direct action, in defence of society, whatever the consequences to their social status, professional ethics, financial position, or even threat to their own life. Presently this humanistic quality is extremely rare within the social professions.

If you believe you are under psychotronic attack, it is imperative to stay as calm and as centred as possible. This will alleviate the attack to some degree, greater or lesser depending on the intensity of the attack and how well the individual can remain calm and centred.

A very simple method to remain calm and centred within oneself is to connect your awareness to your breath and body. Find a place to sit or lay quietly, and place your attention on taking in slow deep breaths from the base of the stomach. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Also be aware of your body, how is it feeling and reacting to the experience? Continue this until the symptoms of the attack have alleviated or ceased altogether, then document your experiences in your journal.

It has been recognised that remote pyschotronic attacks can appear less effective when outside, rather than inside a building. There could be a number of reasons for this. The building itself may help to contain and amplify the negative frequencies that are being forced upon you. The electromagnetic pollution which surrounds every building because of the live electrical wiring and appliances may have a bearing on amplifying negative frequencies from the weapons. You can experiment with this by leaving the building and going to a place where there is little or no electromagnetic pollution which emanates from power lines and microwave antenna etc.

If you are in your house and you cannot leave for any reason, experiment by switching the power off at the mains. The close proximity of electromagnetic pollution from any neighbours homes may have an affect on any change. As all populated areas are surrounded by negative frequencies from electromagnetic energies, it could be recommended to experiment by locating yourself in places of nature. Places of nature such as in the forest, by the sea or a river etc, normally have high «positive» electromagnetic fields around them. To some degree this may well reduce the effect of the «negative» freqencies from Psychotronic Weapons.

Continue to experiment with different methods when you believe you may be under attack, and always document your experiences. By keeping in touch with as many FW survivors as possible who can fully understand your situation, may be able to help support you through more difficult times. Whatever happens, stay strong, courageous and be assured that one day, the people of the world will be free from these remote psychotronic attacks on society and those responsible will be brought to justice.



From THE INVISIBLE WAR website by W.H. Bowart and Richard Sutton

Rational self-reliance and an understanding of how the human mind works are the best protection against IW. Don’t look to national governments for help, they’re attacking you. Don’t look to psychiatry, they’re developing weapons to destroy the very seat of liberty — your mind. Don’t rely on authority. Obedience to authority is the first act of submission to suggestibility. Suggestibility is the first step of surrender to mind control. If it isn’t true for you it isn’t true. Your own integrity is your best hope. Ethical scientists may develop IW countermeasures. Good men may reform governments. But ultimately your own survival depends on yourself. As long as people know this, freedom will survive. The world is what you make it, or what you fail to make it. Freedom is a continuing struggle, won one moment at a time. There are many who would take it from you, but no one who can give it to you.

Psycho-Electronic Countermeasure Success Log

This webpage, a part of, records successes of EM targets in countermeasures for psycho-electronic attacks. Continually updated.


Many survivors of Frequency Weapons assault experience certain professions within the establishment desiring to intern them into a psychiatric hospital to be administered conciousness-supressing chemicals in order to solve the «problem»


(As With a Psychiatric Raid or in Court)

BELIEVING THAT GOVERNMENTS HARASS CITIZENS INDICATES MENTAL ILLNESS The CIA MKULTRA and similar covert psychological warfare test programs were exposed by the U.S. Senate Church Committee in 1977 and showed unequivocally that certain government agencies can and do perform atrocities on citizens. The «Dr.» Ewen Cameron MKULTRA work at the Allen Institute, McGill University clearly showed Canadian partnership also takes place. NOTE: Even conventional, non-electronic surveillance is VERY capable of producing symptoms of paranoia in ANYONE! Therefore, misdiagnosis in cases of government surveillance is not only possible, but LIKELY. NOBODY HAS EVER REPORTED THE EFFECTS YOU DESCRIBE FROM A RADIO SIGNAL Almost no one would deny that with wires connected to the body such effects are possible using current technology. What is not widely known is that these effects can also be produced by experimentally determined pulsed radio signals. WHY HAVE WE, THE PUBLIC, NEVER HEARD ABOUT NEURO-INFLUENCE WEAPONS Actually, we did hear about neuro-influence weapons and microwave bugging weapons in the mid-1960s, used on the staff at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. Other small bits of information have been made public, but only in small quantity. YOUR ALARMIST TACTICS INDICATE YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL Ok, let’s say I am mentally ill. Then what steps would a mentally healthy person take if confronted with electronic weapons being used on them? YOU ARE A LONER – THAT IS NOT HEALTHY Some people simply enjoy peace and quiet more than socializing. In my case, my chronic fatigue syndrome severely limits opportunities for socializing anyway. WHY ARE YOU SO NERVOUS? It is normal to be frightened when an innocent person is accosted by police. YOUR WIDESPREAD COMPLAINING IS OVERREACTING AND IS IRRATIONAL In essence, the mental health establishment has ridiculed what is clearly a work of charity. That is logical grounds for complaining. VOICE TO SKULL COMMUNICATION USING RADIO SIGNALS IS NOT POSSIBLE I could create a buzz in someone’s skull with only a simple radar transmitter – isn’t it therefore likely that sometime since World War II someone would find out how to add audio to the radar signal? IF YOU ARE THE TARGET OF REAL SIGNALS, WHY HASN’T ANYONE BEEN ABLE TO DETECT THEM? (1) Because the cost of wide band, recording scanners is far above the income of an ordinary working person and (2) the perpetrators shut down in the presence of professional detection operators and equipment and (3) it is overwhelmingly likely that SPREAD SPECTRUM, a nearly undetectable techology, is used. WHY MAKE THE NEWS ABOUT YOUR RAID SO PUBLIC? DO YOU HATE THE ONTARIO GOVERNMENT OR THE POLICE? The overriding consideration for us targetted individuals is alerting the public about these almost unpublicized weapons. Publicizing a psychiatric raid is one way to accomplish that. DO YOU EXPECT US TO BELIEVE SOMEONE COULD STOP YOUR TAPE RECORDER WITH A «BEAM»? Many people will not believe that, but Dan Rather on January 9, 1997, announced that police helicopters will be equipped with «beam weapons» to stop cars. Why not a tape recorder, then? LEVITATION OF OBJECTS IS IMPOSSIBLE Magnetic levitation of metallic objects has been done long ago. The Edmund Scientific catalog has materials available to accomplish that. In April 1997, Dan Rather announced and demonstrated a device which can levitate living things. There is a paper on my web site showing that unclassified antigravity work is being pursued by reputable organizations like IEEE and NASA. IF YOU ARE BEING HARASSED COVERTLY, WHY WOULD THE HARASSERS MAKE YOU AWARE THAT YOU ARE THEIR TARGET, RATHER THAN DOING THEIR WORK SECRETLY? The doubtless do this to keep us on edge and appear paranoid, and it is likely that by harassing us, they are gauging what the public can be told and refuse to believe. VICTIMS SOMETIMES ARE COERCED INTO REPEATED «I WANT TO DIE» FEELINGS. This wishing and even uttering in private: «I want to die» has happened to me for most of the two decades I’ve been a target. Being a Christian, this is NOT repeat NOT accompanied by «depression» – it affects me as simply routine, UNemotional forced parrotting of a phrase — just another of the hundreds of electronic MKULTRA «tricks». Being a Christian, my response, either in thought or in utterance, is: «Oh, well, when I die is completely up to God…» and I promptly forget it. This works very well.


A list of recommended tactics which can be used when dealing with skeptics or psychiatrists and other mental health officials:

Rev: August 12, 1999 ELEANOR WHITE’S COPING METHODS: Anonymous co-victim wrote: > I keep in mind that you work under similar conditions > and so I can too. But how do you do it? Hints > appreciated. I sit at the computer with the back of the chair holding me up. It has reached the point of being so weak that I some- times collapse on to a foam mattress in the computer room floor. I’m given just enough strength to do life’s necessities, but not, for example, to take the company car thru a car wash. My strength budget is that tight, and tightly controlled too. I think the way I survive this is that the spooks very specifically and carefully «throttle» the amount of fatigue and stress so I can just barely stay alive and give the appearance of not being gravely ill, but NOTHING more. Their precision in all this is nothing short of amazing. The same person continues: > I have coped in the past with odd behavior, > talking to myself, the finger, I look like a > mentally ill person as I go through my day in > public. The way I cope with the crap other than fatigue and sleep deprivation is this: 1. I’m a committed Christian. Boy oh boy, I would have «cashed it in» long ago if it were not for the certainty of God walking right beside me, day and night, thru this. I also believe that even more than supporting me, I have been chosen by Him to be a soldier in this war. Knowing you have been tapped on the shoulder by God gives you amazing fortitude! This is far and way the biggest coping factor. 2. I’m a goofball – I just can’t resist humour. Just ask my co-workers! Humour helps a LOT!!! 3. I KNOW I, and all of us, are brilliant spotless «white», i.e. in the RIGHT. That certainty is EXTREMELY supportive. 4. Keeping in touch with other victims, though I can’t do much of it, is very supporting, and especially the non- victims who help us too. 5. I keep in mind that however bad what I go thru is, there are MANY people, the paraplegics, the people in grinding poverty – who actually have it MUCH WORSE, and even MORE INescapable than I. The falsely imprisoned too. In fact, if I have any life after we expose MC, I plan to work on behalf of the falsely imprisoned, because I KNOW what it is LIKE! The documentary, «Seven Days in May»!! B-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r 6. Finally, this goes on so constantly and for such a long time that I can detach from it somewhat – it’s just a «project» – something requiring me to kind of look at the ground and «put one foot ahead of the other» – keep going while God gives me strength. 7. Nature’s beauty helps a lot, too, even if it is always seen thru an electronic prison «window». 8. Hum «Battle Hymn of the Republic» to yourself a lot. Listen to military hymns and marches. Eleanor ========================================================= From: Subject: The right words BCC to: @ALLVIC.PML Date sent: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 07:45:52 Part of our credibility problem is that, almost without exception, we FIRST approached the authorities with a very fragmented story, describing extremely unusual occurrences, which seemed to the listener as the ravings of a lunatic. In most cases we ourselves had no idea there was a spook organization, then or ever. I’m in the long process of moving, to follow my job to a new city. The need is apparent to have ready a new, very much shorter «story» for the new faces I will encounter. Doctor, lawyer, maybe police, maybe neighbours. The goal is a short, portable «story» that takes only a minute to tell, and most importantly leaves the listener with no way to INTELLIGENTLY shoot down the story. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far: ————————————————– LISTENER: What’s the problem? TARGET: I am an involuntary neuro-electromagnetic weapons experimentation victim. This research was kicked off in the 1950’s under the CIA MKULTRA international program of INVOLUNTARY psychological experimentation which has been conducted since the 1950s. MKULTRA uses involuntary test subjects, sometimes incarcerated, sometimes in the victim’s home and community. «MKULTRA» is the original name – current names are not yet known but the activity generates a great deal of evidence. See the web site: for details. [Third paragraph where needed] The in-home experiments use neuro-electromagnetic technology to apply stress and then to observe through walls, using through-the-wall radar technology. This is accompanied by street harassment and home/work break-ins. LISTENER: A-a-a-a-hhh … MKULTRA ended twenty years ago. TARGET: Oh? On what DATE did MKULTRA end? The Mafia has been exposed too. Did the Mafia end when it was first exposed? If MKULTRA ended, what agency caused it to end? (The target can be certain of this: No MKULTRA perp has ever served a day in jail.) ————————————————– Your best tactic is to try to quote ONLY FACTUAL, DOCUMENTED INFORMATION, which cannot be impeached. There is now a surprising amount of FACTUAL info on these sites: (NO www) (mirror) …and (MKULTRA) (CAHRA) I recommend you print from these sites, and/or, take notes on the key FACTUAL points, for use when you are challenged. We DO NOW HAVE enough facts that you should be able to back down most nay sayers. The ONLY way the listener can exit without accepting FACTUAL information is to use a completely idiotic response like «A-a-a-a-hhh … you’re nuts». In such a dialogue, it is wisest to AVOID the many weird advanced effects, just staying with generalities and factual history. It would be OK to elaborate on the break-and-enter damage, though – that is physical and factual. By AVOIDING the technical stuff and amazing details, you don’t give your listener the chance to «explain» away one incident at the time, which is invalid of course, as an argument. One-at-a-time arguments are used frequently, so avoid them by keeping your experiences packaged as «MKULTRA», which, by the Mafia analogy, is absolutely true. MKULTRA NEVER ENDED. That is a fact, even though the program code name may have ended. Like «Cosa Nostra» vs. the original «Mafia». Eleanor ========================================================= ——- first words to «no evidence» challenge ———- From: Self To: Subject: New «first words» for response to nay-sayers Hi – Some of you may know about the concept of «verbal Judo». This is taught to police, and is not at all what you might expect. It is NOT about forcefully barking orders like «Do it NOW!». Instead, it is UNEXPECTEDLY using very carefully chosen words spoken in, say, a standoff situation, in which the suspect’s options and the consequences are carefully listed. This has been demonstrated on TV. It is the UNEXPECTEDNESS that is the key to making it work – the suspect is expecting a shouting match but is disarmed by this novel, authoritative, low-key method of verbal tactics. I just had a «go around» with someone claiming to be our supporter but who constantly harps on the fact that we «have no evidence.» We all know this is the number one verbal shot fired at us when we try to get the authorities, media, or doctors to help. We need a short «first words» answer which they do not expect and which will disarm that barrier. I’d like to suggest this first-words response to those who say we have no evidence: «YOU ARE RIGHT. THE ELECTRONIC DEVICES LEAVE NO EVIDENCE. «SO HOW IS YOUR AGENCY GOING TO COPE WITH NEW ELECTRONIC CRIMES WHERE THERE IS NO EVIDENCE?» You can assert that this aspect must be coped with – to ignore it licenses crimes performed using neuro- electromagnetic technology. You can also state that the task of legislative, legal, and law enforcment personnel is to find ways to cope, not to label targetted people as crazy. In the past I’ve said such things, but with far too much wordy stuff first. I recommend that for maximum «verbal Judo» effect, the words in capital letters above should be the very first things said in response. Eleanor ============= now the tactics list ===================== 1. Never allow the skeptics to require YOU to explain the motives of your harassers. If you are held up in a situation where there are no witnesses, you are not asked to explain the sick personality of the robber. NOR are you told that «because there is NO TANGIBLE EVIDENCE, there has been no crime». You might reply: «Easy question. My harassers are the same folks who started in this line of work under the MKULTRA programs in the 1950s, and their motives haven’t changed a bit.» Or, maybe this: «National security is so important that sacrificing the well-being of a few individuals for the good of the many is justified.» This is the way unethical experiments are always «justified». Nazi doctors truly believed they were working for «the good of mankind». So do our tormentors. 2. Never let them start picking away at harassment occurrences in ISOLATION FROM THE OTHERS, because any single occurrence could be coincidence. Force them to «explain away» ALL the occurrences TAKEN TOGETHER, OR NOT AT ALL. Here is a bulletin offering a way to handle this: One of our more difficult challenges is overcoming the natural tendency of nay sayers who feel they can «explain» our troubles by looking at each different harassment type and offering alternate theories. A day ago I had another «it-is-just-poltergeists» explanation come to me, triggered by my description of the frequent remote physical manipulation effects. I’d like to offer here a common sense analogy which we can use when dealing with this very flawed approach. We can answer: «It’s just like a computer image, made up of thousands of pixels. «If an observer sets up a microscope in front of his screen, and looks at every single pixel, one at a time, he will not have the slightest idea what the image is about. «If he finds, say, that 19,221 pixels are flesh-coloured, he could declare that the image is of a belly dancer, when in fact, it is a portrait of George Washington. «THAT is how absurd explanations taken out of the FULL context are.» 3. Microwave weapons WERE MADE PUBLIC BY THE MEDIA IN THE MID-1960s. Microwave weapons were being used by the Soviets to attack the U.S. embassy in Moscow. After that, there has been a total media blackout from government sources to this very day. The earliest neuro-electromagnetic weapon, the vacuum tube Russian LIDA machine, was used on POWs in the Korean War. Given the scientific progress over the last thirty years, there is absolutely no way any responsible health official, government official, media reporter, or skeptic can possibly argue that they existed in the Korean War, the mid-60s, but not now. No way. 4. Remind your listener/reader that microwave anti- personnel weapons canNOT be tested on crash dummies, and LIVE test subjects are required. This is different than other classes of weapons. Since these are WAR weapons, the developers NEED HOSTILE, UNWILLING test subjects. 5. Put the list of declassified technologies «in their face» and KEEP THEM THERE. Don’t EVER let a psychiatrist tell you voices in your head must indicate mental illness any more! Voice to skull radio transmission is now a de-classified, documented reality. See 6. Tell your listener/reader that at least one US PATENT exists for direct transmission of sound into the human auditory cortex (a section of the brain). It is # 4,858,612, issued Dec. 19, 1983 to Philip Stocklin. 7. Keep your story INEXTRICABLY tied in with the CIA & military’s programmes like MKULTRA et al. When they were exposed by the US Congress in 1977, all the intel agencies did were these three simple steps: 1. «Retire», en masse, the key employees who had worked on the MKULTRA programmes. 2. The «retirees» formed «private contractor» companies, BEYOND CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT. 3. The important projects, like the electronic weapons projects, were able to continue within these «contractor» companies. The MKULTRA programs have never actually stopped – they continue with in-home involuntary testing to this day and hour. The involvement of large corporations becomes clearer when the fact that whistle blowers suddenly become neuro-electromagnetic «test subjects» is considered. 8. Remind psychiatrists that: – Their training does not qualify them to speak authoritatively on electronic weapons – They know nothing about CLASSIFIED weapons, electronic or otherwise – We ARE experts on the EFFECTS. Some psychiatrists develop an attitude that their medical training means they «know better» than their patients on ALL SUBJECTS. This is not true, of course, and if you are being treated as if electronic weapons attack is «all a big mistake, all in your imagination», remind them of their limitations. It’s very important to remind a stubborn psychiatrist of these three predecessors to the current neuro-electromagnetic programs: – The Tuskegee syphilis involuntary experiments – The radioactive food involuntary experiments – The CIA MKULTRA institutional/child abuse/drug/ ritual abuse experiments, which also launched the current neuro-electromagnetic experiments as a sequel No psychiatrist can tell you these things didn’t happen. Also remind them of the successful law suit by 8 Canadian MKULTRA victims, «Orlikow et al vs. United States». 9. If mental health workers butt into your life and in so doing, say wordlessly that you are not sane, ask them this question: IF SOMEONE WERE BEING ASSAULTED BY ELECTRONIC WEAPONS, WHAT WOULD YOU EXPECT A SANE PERSON TO DO IN RESPONSE? This question will force them to admit that a sane person would take the same actions you have taken. Fair’s fair. 10. This relates to a situation in which you are trying to demonstrate a «demo weapon» similar to the real classified weapons. Suppose someone in authority tells you that you cannot, say, DEMONSTRATE the electronic weapon because you have been under a psychiatrist’s care, and maybe have been in a psychiatric ward or hospital. You can respond: HOW MANY POLICE OFFICERS NOW ON DUTY, CARRYING GUNS, HAVE ALSO BEEN UNDER PSYCHIATRIC CARE? There are plenty; I don’t have a number. Again, fair’s fair. 11. For electronic weapons victims who experience effects, especially remote manipulation effects, in the company of others: Remote manipulation includes harassment effects like pushing your shopping cart when your hands are off it, simply banging objects around or rapping or sliding them, or occasionally levi- tation of part or all of your body. Closely related to physical remote manipulation are spurious operations of electrical equipment. My (Eleanor’s) spooks always try to do little ‹tricks› as I pass through my place of employment. Until Labour Day 1997, their favourite was beeping every computer battery backup unit (UPS) at me as I pass by on my normal rounds. Circa Labour Day 1997 I was able to switch off the beepers, and although the spooks dropped the voltage and triggered the units to go on battery, they did not beep. Most employees did not notice this. So they began looking for other ‹tricks› to keep me ‹on edge›. One of their attempts is cause calculator motors to whir unnaturally loud as I pass. This is loud and is noticed by employees, especially the calculator’s owner! (It often scares them!) One of the ladies in the accounts receivable department is an engineer and has been quite curious, and has asked me in plain hearing of others what is causing that. Here’s the key answer: I say «This is caused by local microwave hackers». I do NOT relate the hackers to intelligence agents or contractors, nor to MKULTRA. Furthermore, many people have no trouble at all believing «microwaves» can cause motors to spin. The combination of the phrases «local hackers» and «microwaves» paints a picture which is sur- prisingly acceptable to the general public. When presented this way, the incident hints at «just local kids who have tinkered with mom’s microwave oven», or some equally «homey» scen- ario. This is VERY EASY for the general public to accept, and introduces the public to what is happening WITH VERY LITTLE SKEPTICISM. I recommend to all e-weapon victims that they consider using this type of approach to get the events themselves linked to microwave signals, WITHOUT triggering the public’s «mental immune system» to respond with dis- belief. Over time this, I think, can become one way to get our foot in the public’s door. 12. If you suspect you have an implant, find out what the classic symptoms are for the body region of concern, and complain about those symtoms. Usual result: You’ll get your xray. Do attempt to stay as close to the film as possible, to see it your- self before leaving the xray clinic. This has worked for others. 13. At time of writing this, I (Eleanor White) am in contact with about 100 other electronic weapons testing and harassment victims. Cheryl Welsh’s CAHRA organization has contacted almost 300. Put yourself on an imagnary jury panel – if you had 300 independent witnesses, who have never met one another, TELLING MATCHING STORIES, what effect would that have on your decision. 14. Many listeners have a hard time believing that our saintly government officials would carry out or even condone attacks on innocent citizens. One response: «We have several corporate whistle- blowers, and related workers› compensation claimants who also receive regular doses of electronic weapons harassment. You don’t have trouble believing THAT motive, do you?» Another response: «One way this could have all come about is for government agencies to assign the devel- opment of neuro-electromagnetic weapons to their private contractors followed by: ‹…and don’t tell us how you do it or who you test them on›. » This is a readily acceptable scenario. 15. You may find police and other authorities urging you to «talk your problems over» with your harassers, or, get asked why you didn’t try. I’ve said «I prefer not to speak with people who persistently harass me – they are obviously not rational people at all.» Another victim suggests that «People who harass other people are predators. I don’t plan to have any conversations with predatory people because they are a threat to my safety and are very unlikely to listen to any kind of reason.» [This is kind of a difficult question to respond to. Other suggestions for a response are welcome.] 16. For e-weapon victims who have electronic-telepathic two-way communication with their torturers, it may eventually help if you constantly remind them of these spiritual truths, and you do not need to be any particular faith to do this: – Spend some of your (torturers›) time reading books about near-death experiences. Pay close attention to experiences of those who have lived thoroughly evil lives. One chronic evil-doer’s near-death experience was to float horizontal, paralyzed, while small demons cut off his entire flesh in pieces – and, he did feel the pain. (This man became a minister after recovery.) – Being an atheist has no effect whatever on the matter of God’s existence, or the existence of Heaven and Hell. The torturers cannot simply «believe it away». – The fact that God doesn’t step in and stop the e-weapon torture cannot be taken as evidence that God doesn’t exist or doesn’t care. God RARELY intervenes – in THIS life, that is. – Once you’re in the ground, it is too late. – If a torturer DOES reform, unspeakably wonderful pleasures of Heaven are then his inheritance, and even forgiveness from his victims. The beauties and simple pleasures which the torturer denies himself to stay in that line of work will suddenly return, and the fresh feeling of freedom will welcome the torturer back into society. When I ‹speak› to my torturers electronically (and pray for them too) I tell them that the only thing I strive for is for the WEAPONS to be made public. The torturers will probably mostly get away with their deeds, in THIS life, that is. – I frequently ‹tell› my tortures to step back and look at the tide of mind control history. The day this will be exposed IS approaching – and our publicity efforts will NOT stop. New videos and radio shows are being worked on all the time now. The torturers would be very wise to heed the signs of the logjam breaking up. 17. Remind your listener/reader that our neuro-electro- magnetic effects ALMOST ALWAYS STOP when the electric power fails, and usually starts up immediately or soon after the power comes back on. 18. Remind your listener/reader that we victims are fighting this war for THEM too! 19. If a state or local politician or police official tries to put you off saying «It’s a federal matter», remind them that the bulk of the laws in the U.S. and Canada are state or provincial, and states or provinces do pass laws concerning the use of weapons. Furthermore, the ADMINSTRATIVE REGULATIONS which govern the immediate response of police agencies are DEFINITELY governed at the state or local level, even when it comes to how federal laws are initially enforced, before the matter gets to court. You might remind them that stalking cases are now taken seriously, and neuro-electromagnetic cases should also. 20. If faced with someone who says «Why should I care? This doesn’t involve many people.» Answer that ethics in conducting research requires the same ETERNAL vigilance which police corruption requires. (Courtesy Roy Bercaw.) 21. If questioned as to why «experimenters» would use in-home test subjects, you could answer like this: «If you wanted to test weapons designed for use on hostile subjects, you can’t use volunteers, right? So why NOT use them in civilian communities, in such a way the experimentees cannot prove they are being tested?» 22. If a listener/reader tells you they don’t know if they believe it, ask this question (courtesy of Martti Koski): «Well if there is any chance at ALL that this IS really happening, don’t you think someone should FIND OUT?» 23. One item I’ve been challenged on is that MKULTRA was «exposed» in 1977, so therefore (the challenger reasons) it must not exist any more. Here’s a response: «So the U.S. Senate exposed MKULTRA. OK – for years, the U.S. Senate, the media, the police, and private citizens spoke of the MAFIA too. «Did that stop them from operating?» NO. Only the RICO laws have had an impact, and only a set of laws to control intelligence actvities will ever control whatever new project names are in use today. All the 1977 exposure did was force a project name change and give the intelligence people a chance to lie to the public. 24. Over autumn 1998 I’ve been having amazing, though small scale (i.e. me only) success with publicity and persuasive efforts using «DEVICE» instead of «WEAPON». (The requests for further info POURED in after changing that one word.) I’ve tried a SECOND tactic which works even BETTER! I pretend to be a «concerned citizen-researcher» who has «been researching» neuro-electromagnetic technology (and it’s misuse) for the past 3 years. I freely discuss OTHER targetted people, and refer the listener/reader to web sites OTHER than my own. I never mention my web site until a reader/listener asks for detailed specifics of how I came to research this. 25. No proof? The media constantly discusses issues where there is also «no proof». President Clinton’s love life is a good example. So the «no proof» issue is NOT a barrier to media discussion. All a responsible reporter has to do is make sure the lack of definitive proof is also MENTIONED. Then they should feel able to write about the «no proof» issue, as they do quite often on issues other than invol- untary neuro-electromagnetic experiments. 26. No proof? One of the greatest public services performed by the media is to TALK UP an issue up to where proof is hard to come by. The media often HELPS FIND the proof – so why not for an important issue such as neuro-electromagnetic weapons? 27. «LACK OF EVIDENCE» When confronted by someone in authority making this statement, you can reply in complete confidence: «That can mean either there is no evidence, or, your agency chooses to ignore the evidence.» People and agencies have agendas, and when evidence is presented, sometimes they CHOOSE to ignore it, resulting in a MAN-MADE «lack of evidence» condition. 28. WISHING TO DIE. This «proves» you the victim is mentally ill? Not at all. Others have exper- ienced this form of intentional harassment. This wishing and even uttering in private: «I want to die» has happened to me for most of the two decades I’ve been a target. Being a Christian, this is NOT repeat NOT accompanied by «depression» – it affects me as simply routine, UNemotional forced parrotting of a phrase — just another of the hundreds of electronic MKULTRA «tricks». Being a Christian, my response, either in thought or in utterance, is: «Oh, well, when I die is completely up to God…» and I promptly FORGET IT. 29. TOP GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL «X» STATES THAT NEURO- ELECTROMAGNETIC RESEARCH IS NOT GOING ON AND NEVER HAS. Top officials, government, corporate, university, DO NOT – REPEAT – DO NOT HAVE THE FULL ACCESS TO ALL PROJECTS THEY BELIEVE THEY DO. To counter such a declaration, we need to remind this official and his/her listeners of that fact. «The government» is not a single lock-stepped organization in which all members, even the senior ones, know about all projects being funded. That goes TRIPLE for «sensitive» projects like neuro-electromagnetic mind control. This fragmentation in ANY large organization of human beings needs to be raised over and over and over, otherwise, the public will not bother to question these alleged «authority figures». Remind hostile government officials that they are probably not privy to the most secret projects – so naturally they don’t know.

For Frequency survivors having problems expressing their attacks to the medical/psychiatric industry:
By a psychotronic survivor.

DSM4 wasn’t around when I was practising psychology (in the education sphere, with families), I think it was DSM3 – but we used to ignore the «labels» pretty much.   We were trained to focus on the person and anything they wanted to change in themselves, really, with non-drug solutions of course.

Psychiatrists are medical/drug trained people, with hardly any education in behaviour or personality or things like perception. I personally never recommended psychiatric treatment for anyone. Nor did I ever meet a person whom I felt needed it.

Funny how the conspiratorians hate and fear behaviour modification, which is so innocent and upfront and simple, and more or less ignore the work of the psychiatrists, which is often appallingly damaging and does no good at all.

In all seriousness, I think the medical profession is a little more dangerous than people suppose. Not quite sure why.   Logic doesn’t in my experience work.

The way for getting out of involuntary committal in an institution (always their trump card, if you disagree with them) – recommended by some psychiatric survivors – is to say,

«Yes, Doctor, you are right, I was indeed deeply disturbed when I got put in here, but I didn’t realise it. I am better now, and your treatment has helped me so that now I can recognise my former insanity. Furthermore, there is nothing whatever wrong with your methods or this institution.   It is a great and healing place. Thank you for what you have done.»

It is humiliating, but it works.

Basically, I suspect, those are the only terms they let people out on. That, and a corrupt helping role with powermongers, is how they keep going when their results are so appalling.

They are powerful.


Who else runs their own jails, on their say-so alone, with no right of appeal.   And furthermore, after one stint in these jails, probably drugged to the point where you DO act funny, you are discredited for life and so is everything you say.

Furthermore, your brain might be pretty messed up, quite genuinely, from the powerful drugs. Goodbye all hope of persuading people to see your view of life – anyone can dismiss you thereafter with the label «mental patient»…

I resigned as a psychologist in late 1982. In early 1984, after complaining to police about electronic assaults, (and earlier trying to tell them some circumstances they didn’t know about a criminal event), I got bundled into a car and driven to the local nuthouse, and it took me several weeks and a lot of my savings used for a lawyer, to get out.   It had an enormously destructive effect on the rest of my life.

I found the psychiatric people, some of them quite nice, more or less uninformed, swayed by media claptrap, and too vulnerable within their profession to listen to a word I said.  Some of the nursing staff were downright stupid and/or corrupt.



Our expertise in this field are well covered. We have been consultants for major corporations since 1990. Our international division ranges from operatives in the United States, Japan and parts of the UK. Our U.S. local investigative research branch consists of a team of specialists which we cooridinate according to the case at hand. Spectrum has worked with hundreds of Alleged electronic harassment victims and consulted with thousands worldwide seeking help and possible services.

We also have contracts with U.S and Foreign companies that manufacture and prototype electronic/unconventional weapons and similar devices. Our research division has complete access to these and other such devices. This places us many steps ahead, we not only know how to cause electronic harassment but we also have the means, devices and understanding of how they work and this means we know how to stop almost all forms of electronic harassment.

There are many forms of electronic harassment. Those forms of electronic harassment are: 

  1. Surveillance

Surveillance is the imposed observation of ones belongings, person or surroundings through use of listening devices, video recording or transmitting devices, spectral imaging through heat, sound or other radiation sources, and other means of observing ones actions, possessions or routines. Note that not all forms of surveillance utilize electronic devices and not all forms of surveillance are illegal or considered harassment. Simple observation using ones eyes is also considered surveillance. Surveillance is becoming more and more advanced as our society progresses in technology. Many devices such as micro-recorders, micro-transmitters, micro-transceivers and laser bounce listeners are readily available at many spy novelty shops and online stores.

  1. Electronic Sabotage/Interference

Electronic sabotage or interference is exactly that. Any sabotage or intentionally configuring personal property to either be destroyed or malfunction is considered electronic harassment. Any type of intentional interference such as electronic noise generators, sound generators, light generators, spark gap disrupters, or any other form of EMI (electromagnetic interference) which either destroys, causes malfunction or loss of resources is considered electronic harassment.

  1. Directed Harmful High Energy

This is the most dangerous form of electronic harassment and is the easiest to implement in to use. Directed harmful high energy weapons can include a vast array of devices and equipment available in almost every major city in the World. These devices can include a modified microwave oven designed to collimate and direct up to 1200 kilowatts of microwave energy at a person or property. The results of such an attack can kill or disable a human being. Attacks from weapons of this nature will leave blisters, internal bruising and/or bleeding, cancer, cataracts, tumors, boils, red patches on the exterior, etc… Weapons of this nature have ranges from point of contact to several hundred yards. Device like this can be used to destroy electronic devices and cause severe interference in computers and alarm systems for forced entry or data destruction. Radar guns are available from surplus stores worldwide and can be obtained from ex-military sources. Radar guns are capable of outputs ranging from a couple watts to 3 Megawatts! Portable radar guns can range from hand held sizes to vehicle mounted. These devices have very long ranges due to their higher frequencies and shorter wavelength which makes for easier collimation of the beam. Radar guns can emit long or short pulses of energy capable of instant death to living creatures, semiconductor destruction or malfunction, brain damage & stopping vehicles. Other forms of directed harmful high energy include devices such as: tasers, klystron guns, ion beam gun, plasma pulse gun, soliton bomb, and hundreds of other devices.

  1. Voice/Data/Image induction

This form of electronic harassment can make an individual think they are loosing their mind or that they have a mental illness. VDI induction can be imposed using only 3 known methods.

Microwave carrier ULF-UHF induction method This method uses a microwave signal modulated with either an audio, video or other form of data or signal. It then transmits the microwave energy with the VDI carrier signal to the target. Each persons reaction can be slightly different which makes it hard to diagnose as such. This form of harassment causes «voices», random «images» and other such phenomenon to occur. Similar technology was developed over 10 years ago for communication research between humans and dolphins. A similar device is also known as the wireless neurophone. There are many patents for similar devices. This device can be placed at targets home and remotely operated.

Direct contact induction method This method requires direct contact with the skin of the target. VDI is induced by means of the skin acting an a capacitive variable in a sort of harmonic resonator circuit. The DCI method uses a simple high voltage DC carrier modulated with the VDI signal, this is coupled to the targets body using capacitive skin plates which need to contact any part of the skin on the body. The signal is interpreted by nerves below the skin surface and the brain recognizes these signals as such and processes them, thus the images or sounds or data appear to the target without the use of their eyes, ears or visual observations. A similar device is also known as the neurophone. There are many patents for similar devices. Evidence of unauthorized use on ones body are: two or more circular red marks on the exterior of the skin or two or more blisters.

Magnetic pulse induction method The neurons within the nerves and brain of the human body are very sensitive to magnetic fields. The MPI method uses an induction coil to induce a low to medium flux density in and around the brain thus causing the neurons to misroute, slow down or revert. This form of electronic VDI harassment is often diagnosed as EMI (electromagnetic interference) sensitivity. This is similar to an individual getting headaches from extended usage of their cellular phone or nausea from being around power lines for extended periods of time. This method can be a device implanted within ones home or surroundings and can be remotely operated.

  1. Implants

Implants are considered the most invasive form of harassment. Electronic implants consist of transmitters, ESF generators, micro-neurophonic transceiver, tracking devices and other micro sized devices designed to cause harassment. The most common platform for an implant was designed by the government over 25 years ago and is still used to this day. It consists of a bodily fluid powered circuit capable of either transmitting voice, high voltage pulses, emitting a small tracking beacon signal or other uses. Implants can be detected and easily removed.

  1. Radiation

Radiation is a very common form of harassment. A potential harasser can obtain an old x-ray gun from a surplus dealer or other source and with slight modifications can use it to bombard the target with deadly amount of x-ray radiation. Such a device can be powered by batteries for extended periods of time. Overexposure to x-ray radiation has been shown to cause tumors, brain disorders, mental illness, tremors, headaches, cataracts, seizures and many other health problems. This form of harassment is usual done over periods of time, ranging from days to years, to induce harm.  Harassers can also obtain various radioactive materials such as the most common types:  thorium nitrate, plutonium oxide, uranium nitrate, uranyl nitrite, etc..  using these radioactive materials a potential harasser can cause a very harsh eventual death.

  1. Other forms of electronic harassment

Of course there are many other forms of electronic harassment not covered above but the major forms of electronic harassment are covered.  If you need more information please contact us.


Many victims of electronic harassment feel misunderstood and are often looked at as being mentally unstable or suffering from a mental disorder. Often times victims wait until they have exhausted all other resources before contacting Spectrum Investigations to help them. Most victims do not understand how or why they are being harassed but simply feel they are under some form of electronic harassment. Some victims know how and why they are being harassed. It is these victims that have a vast database of knowledge on the subject and are very helpful resources for other victims. Others may have been harassed or exposed to some form of electronic harassment at one or more times in their lives and feel residual effects for years and years. Electronic harassment is not taken seriously enough by congress or legislation, nor does our government admit to public exposure to electronic harassment for research which is technically legal and is written in Federal law as such. Electronic harassment is real and easily implemented by anyone with even a little know how.


Every case is different due to the numerous variables, victims, property, etc. involved in each case. Therefore we approach each case with an open, unbiased perspective in hopes of finding the cause of the alleged harassment or symptoms. 50% of our cases are actual electronic harassment or imposed electronic disturbance. The other 50% ranges from possible past victims suffering from residual effects of harassment, overexposure to some form of radiation or magnetic field, EMI sensitivity or illness. Unfortunately many medical professionals, police and other reputable public service professionals do not understand or are ignorant of the facts about electronic harassment. It is our job to find the cause, isolate the cause and stop the cause of electronic harassment. We then recommend possible treatments which may alleviate the effects of the harassment. We also help with criminal prosecution of any harassers.


Our procedures for dealing with Electronic Harassment are complex. Each case is different and therefore we must assess each situation accordingly. We do however have standardized testing we perform at each location prior to taking necessary actions to stop harassment.

  1. Test all electronic devices in location for irregularities, emissions, RF, noise, etc
    2. Test all areas inside and out for radiation of all types
    3. Test all areas inside and out for IR, UV, HF/LF sound, ELF, EMF, EMI, UHF, VHF, EMP, RFP, etc
    4. Test all persons and typical areas for bugs, devices and EMF/RF emissions
    5. Assess all information and data gathered before and after testing
    6. Monitor the location and other suspected locations using state of the art equipment
    7. Research the local archives for similar cases or history
    8. Interview all applicable persons in area
    9. Other basic and essential tests and procedures for determination of type and magnitude of electronic harassment

Once we have determined the type of harassment being used we can then take actions to stop the harassment or eliminate the causes.


Our fees vary with the magnitude and type of alleged harassment taking place. Our initial consultation & retainer fee is a standard $500.00. In order to perform a consultation we must first obtain as much case history as possible via regular mail or email. Once we have this information we can then assess the situation and generate fees accordingly. Investigative Research fees and travel fees will be given before we obtain any money in case we need to work out a payment schedual. We then obtain a signed liability and disclaimer statement returned with the retainer fee. We then obtain the travel fees. This travel fee ranges depending upon airline fares and vehicle rental fees in your area/time of year. Prices for travel usually range from $1000.00 to $2000.00. The on-site consultation consists of Privately meeting with you and taking a very detailed report, determining the various types of harassment you may be exposed to and possible recourse or actions to take to stop the harassment. Once this is done, we have you fill out and sign a contract. This contract will bind us but also release us of liability. It will bind us to either stop the harassment or determine through testing and facts what is causing the alleged electronic harassment to occur. This complete anaylsis and course of action ranges from $3500.00 to $5500.00. This fee will either bind us to eventually stop the harassment from occuring or make a factual determination of the cause(s) of the alleged harassment. Either way the electronic harassment will not exist after we have completed our investigative research. Some contracts require the use of additional equipment, personnel or special devices to effectively complete and nullify the harassment. These devices are usually used to monitor the victims home after we leave or help the victims feel more secure by shielding or stopping additional or nearby electronic signals or other forms of energy from bothering or sensitizing the victim. Sensitization usually occurs after the harassment is stopped for a period of time and other signals are introduced in the vicinity of the victim.


Here at Spectrum we use top of the line test equipment. We use very accurate alpha, beta, gamma and x-ray meters. We also use top of the line RF detectors, RF energy emission meters, RF-IR-UV-VL/Laser signal detectors and meters, Bug detectors, Erratic Theta-Beta-Alpha brainwave detectors, ELF emissions detectors, EMP detectors, ELF to Mid Microwave detectors, 1HZ to 20KHZ audio detectors and decoders, 20KHZ to Ultrasonic Sound detectors. We have it all covered. We use this equipment to test and analyze persons involved, property and possessions, nearby areas, nearby vehicles, homes, work or pleasure locations, etc… for possible signals or signs of electronic harassment. Once we find it we stop it.

For more information or if you believe you are being electronically harassed, please email us and tell us what is happening and we will try to answer your questions promptly.

Click here to Email us about Electronic Harassment Investigations

Click here to visit the Spectrum website


Corespondense and replies between Project Freedom and Spectrum

Dear Sirs

I am very pleased that an organisation such as yours exists in this day of electronic harrassment by government agencies, on an innocent and unsuspecting public.

I run an organisation called Project Freedom. (website: dedicated to expossing the «Mind Control Police».

I have already linked your electronic harrassment page to my website, page: so that people who require protection from attacks may contact you.

In particular my brother has been under E.M. attack by the Australian authorities for almost 2 years now and is not handling his situation very well. Click here for info on Alex.

I wish you could solve his situation as well as find out exactly who his perpetrators are. However there is a number of questions I wish to ask regards your procedures.

1. What methods do you have to counter the fact that as soon as you start your E.M. harrassment investigation on a particular person, the perpetrators of the harrassement will know full well of your involvment, may switch off their weapons, until you have finished your investigations, then continue again.

we do not let anyone know when we are performing our onsite investigation for this reason. it works out very well this way. we perform on site testing and investigations while the harassment is taking place…all without anyone knowing we are there.

2. If and when you do successfully expose a particular agency, their location, and the type of weapons they are using, would you be willing to present this evidence in a court of law to bring the perpetrators to justice.

yes. we help in prosecution and submit evidence to the courts.

3. Would you be willing to present Project Freedom with a list of the US and Foreign companys that manufacture electronic weapons for our purpose of purchasing these to publicly demonstrate the validity of their existence, (of which the intelligence agencies have always denied).

the only real electronic weapons company i know of is the one i helped create. U.U. electronics or plans and kits unlimited. . not only do i operate plans and kits unlimited but i am also part owner of spectrum investigations and i handle most electronic investigation inquiries and cases. not only do i know how to build and operate electronic weapons but i also know more about how to stop them then anyone else in the field.

4. On behalf of all victims of electromagnetic assaults, what practical, inexpensive, yet effective short and long term protection methods can you suggest to nullify or stop E.M. harrassement.

copper mesh shielding for rf and hf emi. and laminated steel for uWave and other fields. we also have good results with our plasma shielding which energizes an area between two plates with plasma to stop 90% of all signals from penetrating.

5. Do you consider your services are for the purpose of serving humanity or is it solely a business venture?

both. we like to help people who really need it and we realize there are very few companys like ours.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely

Toward Love and Peace..

George Farquhar


dear sir

Thank you for the rececent answers to my you sell these protection devices you recomend?,or have plans or more detailed info on the designs. i am very interested in presenting this knowledge on our website.

I will soon forward the details of your organization to my brother in austrailia who has been getting irradiated now for 2 years. best regards george farquhar.

unfortunately the devices and techniques are proprietary and we install on request. thanks feel free to post information about

Corespondense between Pychotronically Harrassed Survivor and Spectrum

Did you have a chance to review our fee schedual on the website.We operate very specifically. first we require a retainer fee, it is usually a portion of the total contract fee. this retainer fee guarantees that you are serious and not just making a casual inquiry. we get many many emails and must filter them out to obtain serious contracts. retainer fees usually run between 300-500 dollars. this we require before we come to your location to do our investigation. we send a simple disclaimer contract through email to you…you send this back with the retainer fee. once we obtain the retainer fee we calculate exact figures for travel expenses to and from your location. then we add in our fee and email the total back to you. once we have confirmation of fees, we email the final contract and liability disclaimer forms to you. you then send this back with travel fees.

We come to your location at an unspecified time and date (this is the key to catching the harassment in action without anyone knowing we are watching and monitoring the situation). we will of course give you a window of when to expect us. once there we will perform a very detailed sweep of the surrounding areas with our equipment. we then determine where and what is causing the problem(s).

retainer fee usually ranges from $300.00 to $500.00 travel expenses usually range from $650.00 to $1200.00 investigation fee usually ranges from $2500.00 to $10,000.00 minus the retainer fee
The EMF Safety Catalog
«Everything for Electromagnetic Safety In the Home & Office»

«Action You Can Take Against the Body Penetrating Effects of Electromagnetic Fields»

Tools for Energy Balance and Health Tools for Energy, Balance and Health. This web site – company was created for people like you who are interested in their well-being – Physical and Spiritual. In a modern day world we could all do with a helping hand occasionally and this is why this web site was put together.

A EMF radiation meter/detector
(Cell Sensor 44.99 UK Pounds)
can be purchased from this company.


AlphaLab Inc. manufactures and sells a variety of low-cost meters, such as a gaussmeter (both an AC model for EMF measurements such as power lines, and DC for measuring magnets). A gauss meter combined with an electric field and radio/microwave meter is only $145 (see «TriField» above). A high performance DC gauss meter for fields from .01 to 20,000 gauss has a 4½ digit (20,000 counts) display and is complete and ready to use for $380.

Consumertronics EM Detection Equipment

For about 10 years, Consumertronics offered its popular line of Off-the-Shelf Hardware (OSH), and sold 100s of them. Most of our about 100 OSH devices and variations over the years were controversial, weird or wacky – why our customers loved them! Virtually all of our OSHs originated as Special Projects (SP) or from highly informed, mostly confidential sources. The claims we made for OSHs were based on our own experimental results, and by our customers and-or these confidential sources.

The «Tin Foil» Test
Method of Detection from an excess of microwave frequency:
From a Survivor of microwave assault


By the way, I now have proof for the presence of microwave radiation in the house where I am staying, using the ‹Tinfoil Test› for the presence of microwaves.

I spoke with an expert in the field from ‹Powerwatch UK›, Alistair Phillips, who stated that the levels necessary to produce this effect on tinfoil are far above those power densities produced by common commercial sources of microwave radiation such as mobile phones and mobile phone masts.

On the left is one of the sheets of tinfoil on which appeared the characteristic ‹broken› lines indicating the presence of a strong pulse-modulated microwave field.

Project Freedom is in the process of obtaining psychoctronic technology (designed for positive uses) to demonstrate that these devices can also be used for negative purposes, which for decades the intelligence agencies have expressed to society, that this technology does not even exist!

Top scientists have suggested that the UK Government has recently withdrawn major stocks of microwave detectors that were being sold around the country and were readily available through commercial outlets. For what reasons???


For free detection of Frequency Weapons assault contact:

RADIOLOGICAL PROTECTION BOARD. In the UK. 01235 831600 (A doctor’s referral may be necessary.)

Suggested Reading for Psychic Attack

Protected by the Light

byDr Bruce Goldberg


ISBN 1-56718-316-6


Each day you are exposed to psychic attacks. They are responsible for a of bad luck, physical ailments, accidents, even neuroses. Most psychic attack comes in the form of noise pollution, threats of violence, negative people and media advertisements A small percentage is ,due to poltergeists or negative spirits.

Your only protection is your aura, electromagnetic shield surrounding your physical body. If you keep this energy field strong, no psychic attack can Harm you.

Now, protected by the light includes the newest research on energy fields, chakras white magic, black possession, and energy vampires. You will learn how to «diagnose» and treat psychic attacks with a six-step plan for psychic self-defense. More than 55 exercises and scripts will help you to immediately protect yourself and others.

Dr. Goldberg explores the various type of psychic assaults through case histories from his Los Angeles hypnotherapy practice.

An exclusive 6-step plan for psychic self-defense!

Psychic Protection

by William Bloom


ISBN 0-7499-1603-6



Are you sensitive to atmospheres? Do you meet people who leave you feeling drained or upset? Do you worry about leaving your home unattended? Are you easily intimidated?

We all have a natural sensitivity to energies and atmospheres in people and places. In his new book William Bloom shows you how to protect yourself from difficult situations and unpleasant atmospheres and what you can do to change them. Discover simple Ways to

maintain your own psychic space in uncomfortable and intmidating situations Protect yourself against powerful personalities Cleanse your home or workplace Create loving vibrations around people, places and objects Settle an atmosphere after a row or an unwelcome encounter Generate a positive energy which will make you happier, more confident and successful in everything you do

Psychic Protection will benefit everyone who works with people, including teachers, business people, healthcare workers, therapists and salespeople. It will help you to create an oasis of self-confidence and goodwill in the midst of the chaos of the modern world.

At Last – an indispensable guide to warding off bad vibes, intimidating atmospheres and pushy personalities full of invaluable advice… after a few chapters, even the most unenlightned New Age sceptic will have cracked the secret.

London Evening Standard


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