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Immunitied Human Traffickers Use Surreptitious «Investigations» to Actually Facilitate & Protect Their Human Trafficking and Other Crimes

The Investigation Method of human trafficking is a national epidemic ran through law enforcement jobs.  Often times human trafficking law enforcement employees will try to create a plausible deniability through using Investigator or «Private Investigators» to string together their human trafficking methodology since most states, such as California, don’t actually mandate Private Investigation Firms to have their «employee investigators» licensed or on any record of being on any investigation.  For this reason it is important to classify them as the same especially with regards to law enforcement’s deliberate mis-use of this loop hole for furthering of human trafficking through «investigations».

Investigation Method of human trafficking is a sophisticated and well established crime ring.  Law enforcement and their corresponding attorneys and judges are a massive racketeering for making dirty money, and laundering it.  Their are so many ways that human trafficking law enforcement human traffic that it is in need of a new and formal set of separate laws and monitoring of law enforcement.  One example is how money is made by financial crimes that are conducted under the umbrella of being an «investigated matter» were corrupt human trafficking law enforcement seek a Victim like a female looking to buy a home, then once she is lured to buy and become a home owner this ring will set up a surreptitious investigation (or by any way possible force her into any pre-existing investigation) against as to infiltrate her phone, computer, home, whereabouts, put an invisible leash on her, create premeditated and humiliating harms against her, contact her entire business and income earning portfolio as well as her family so that she will suffer from catastrophic financial loss & from alienation from family, all so that they can convert the property then launder the dirty money from the micromanaged sale of the property where attorneys are needed.  One massive way this method of trafficking launders dirty money is through  IOLTA’s also known as Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts.  IOLTA’s are not federally monitored like our bank accounts and like our trust accounts are, and large amounts of money can move from country to country with none to little monitoring… it’s human traffickers special little baby.  Attorneys often times use «private investigators» in tandem with the human trafficking law enforcement employees.

Investigation Method human trafficking is a complex infrastructure of sub rosa policies, protection of sub rosa policies by city attorneys and by their corresponding county legal defense attorney’s who also tell investigators how to violate law in a way that looks like it is not a violation, the mis-use of all codes that give powers to «investigators» and to «investigations», Victim Blaming, and the lack of code checking for human trafficking exploitation.  It is even more ugly and complex than this, as many of these Law Enforcement human traffickers use investigation to have some reason to place hidden cameras in a Victims home, bedroom, bathroom, and all over, then they send men to rape her or surreptitiously date her and even ply her with marrage as to gain video to sell her through with out her knowledge of and they do this with the intent to behind closed doors call her a «prostitute» to judges and to other law enforcement persons if she ever reports any of the ugly things that she is being put through, with our her even knowing that this is what she is being legally called; Victims can’t even defend themselves due to the closed doors that law enforcement enjoy with judges under special and easily exploitable «investigation codes», especial «public safety» codes.

Many other ugly ways of human trafficking and invisibly enleashing a Victim are performed by Law Enforcement Human Traffickers, for example, in California a woman can be forced to walk the streets to go from place to place or from public transportation to work by being stalked in her car by law enforcement if enough bogus driving tickets are made against her in a 6 moth time frame causing her to loss of her drivers licence, this targeting of a woman in her car is made by the tracking devices placed on her car by Investigators as well a by formal systems like the San Diego Police Department’s «Stingray» equipment that turns a woman’s cell phone into the SDPD’s tracking device, and all they have to do is get your phone number, they they don’t even need a warrant to gain your phone number legally.  Women who can be forced to walk the streets are then inherently easier to target for many human trafficking agenda’s made against Victims.  Plus a Victims can more easily be called mentally unstable and a threat to the other drivers if she can be made to look like she can’t drive properly.

The ATF’s faux and concocted investigation on guns wasn’t the first nor the only Treasury Department, DoJ’s, or Federal investigation made by immunitied agents as a way of committing crimes related to human trafficking and creating victims of immunity like the DHS Agents that were shot and killed by guns from the «Fast and Furious» contrived «investigation»… an investigation that was contrived to execute gun running and human trafficking at the border…. contrived by Immunitied Human Traffickers.  The IRS and all other Immunitied Human Traffickers also regularly use this tactic of faux investigations on women that they want to assault and traffic, and the IRS can easily human traffick a woman with the over reaching into her life through codes that give them way too much access while very little reason for launching an «Investigation» .

It is shameful for Congress to protect this as if it was «gun walking», and we are just waiting to hear Congress cover for human traffickers someday as being «human walkers» or «slave walkers».

In fact, Immunitied Human Trafficker’s used a San Diego investigation sting on Real Estate and Mortgage professionals as a means to source attractive women to human traffic.  For Patrons of this Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring there is not that much of a thrill in obtaining a prostitute and so they seek to obtain and degrade women that they have put on a pedestal to some degree; these Immunitied Traffickers derive a perverse misogynistic pleasure out of their idea of «knocking a woman down a few notches», which is why the San Diego Fusion Center that coordinates different Agencies for this Immunitied Human Trafficking Ring spent so much money to buy so many and such larger TV screens, $75,000 worth of TV screens with vague answers to Congress about it????

Selling the victims is aided by watching them in a larger than life and secret way.  Surreptitiously selling a successful and clean women that Traffickers can verify medical records of through their investigation tactics, and then driving the price up with hidden video viewing parties the patrons have & place bets on while at work, as if they are investigating, is a degradation tactic that leaves the women targets very much stalked in obsessive ways by very well supported & facilitated traffickers & patrons.

Immunitied Human Trafficker’s use of concocted investigations, and commandeering of legitimate investigations is performed to infiltrate a woman’s life as to have and easy and invisible leash around her neck controlling ALL, EACH and EVERY aspect of the targeted woman’s life, right down to the police that get dispatched if she reports finding cameras hidden in her home, or if she tries to report any of the systematic date rape tactics that are used to human traffic a woman without her knowing.

The derived perverse misogynistic pleasure out of their idea of «knocking a woman down a few notches» is one of the reasons these Immunitied Traffickers are drawn to targeting and vulnerable-izing young adults that were prior child stars or models; patrons will pay a very large fee and make very large bets to see a star or model made exploited sexually, mentally exploited, and knocked down off her star pedestal.

This type of “Pedestal Victim” + “investigation” equation is very relevant to every day women being targeted by this ring of IHT’s that mis-use investigation powers, and concoct investigations as to secretly control & sell a victim through.

This is why Immunitied Traffickers acting as paparazzi or running an IRS investigation on a glamorous or rich star or model needs to be analyzed when looking at the devastations these stars go through while never knowing they are having bets on their demise and suffering, made by those who pretend to be investigating them, after all, why is it that 95% of the mug shots gained of Lindsey Lohan have the camera placed so high above her that it looks like she is on her knees looking up at you,  this is rude, uncalled for, bizarre, and a human traffickers trademark.   Why is it that a producer was reported to have gotten naked as to coerce Lindsey Lohan to get naked, coerce her to stop hiding in her dressing room, coerce her to get naked herself, have a drink, and do a 3 way sex scene?  This is not normal, average, or ok and America needs to start recognizing how trafficking of our American women is being made in way’s to facilitate gambling bets on a woman who surprise surprise surprise is under some sort of investigation, such as the one that the IRS was engaged in for a very long time now against Lindsey Lohan, and this woman is clearly being trafficked in very clever ways by a very clever ring of IHT’s, and the destruction of Lindsey Lohan’s life is just massively pushed by the IHT’s media connections, as being chalked up to some problem of Lindsey Lohan’s with a misogynist hate that is attempting to conceal the oppression that is made of a woman when she is being cleverly handled around by severely oppressive human traffickers who have gained positions of immunity and access.

Why is it that Los Angeles judges let off the Attorney Handler & the Psychiatric Doctor Handler of Anna Nichole Smith after their convictions by a jury?

The Handlers, Federal Agents, Judges, “psychiatrists”, and Attorney Handlers that facilitate the trafficking of these stars needs to be brought forward because this ring of IHT’s use these same tactics on regular non-star women who don’t have enough money or recourses to begin to defend against them.  These IHT animals seek to get a star to alternate jurisdictions (like Indian Reservation Casino’s) so that sexual deviates can pay to have better and easier access to the targeted stars, their food, and their hotel rooms, sometimes the targeted star end up dead after being drugged too much for a trafficking patron to access, this is a very sinister use of concocted investigations,  and this is a very sinister ring of human trafficking attorneys that later become Immunitied Human Trafficker’s when they become judges.  This ring of IHT’s use these same tactics on regular non-star women who don’t have enough money or recourses to begin to defend against these IHT’s attacks,  for example IHT Investigator Kenneth Krause of the Dept of Homeland Security that testified in the Anna Nichole trials was later unleashed on the general public of traffic victims and Kenneth Krause targeted Founder Jessica Seymour when she was being set up by IHT’s for discrediting and for abduction as a cover up of the human trafficking sales cameras that DoD Robert Tartaro had hid all over Jessica’s home to sell her through,  later a DoD Tactical Specialist from the US Calvary Unit conspired to coerce Founder Jessica Seymour to an Indian Reservation as to take trafficking bets on her, through the direction of his US Attorney affiliate  ….. so actual Every Day American Women are made just as targeted by this ring of IHT’s that look to create money off of “pedestal victims” such as Models or Hollywood Starlets… this ring affects us all.  Awareness of this is important so that the community at large can recognize the signs of how IHT’s traffic victims in very clever ways while engaging in making the victim look like the person to blame as to keep the victim isolated as to facilitate an easier trafficking of a victim.

When you analyze the type of person that seeks out specific careers as to make cover for sexual deviancy, for example pedophiles that seek to work at universities or to become priests, you will see that the way these Human Traffickers use investigation powers, the religious protections of the church, and Sovereign Nation Indian Laws to facilitate human trafficking is a very real threat to the society at large.

Yes, these guys think their invisible, but if you take away their shroud of immunity what you will see are animals of a base nature, not of a human nature, but predatory animals of a sociopathic flaw that should have excluded them from their posts.

These faux and commandeered investigations access a woman’s phone, credit cards, mail, financial & bank accounts, calendar, computer, computer use, cable, car, family & friends, school, records, insurance, employment, church, and home to create a virtual and inescapable invisible prison of destruction around a woman targeted to be human trafficked by immunity holders, and how much fun they have raping and torturing the American women & men they put on their invisible leashes illustrates how pleased they are with being «above the law».

Murders made to look like accidents or suicides are nothing to these Immunitied Human Traffickers that regularly have to get rid of victims.

This is a crime against the humanity of Americans, and it is a practice that is infiltrated all factions of U.S. investigatory entities, and it is an apparent corruption that funds congress and elected officials who make cover up of the Fast and Furious crimes that surfaced through a murder shooting of a DHS Agent.

© Victims of Immunity Foundation

Please also see the «Immunity Holders Use Investigations» page at this link:


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